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How to judge the quality of the glass bottle?

To judge the quality of the white glass bottle, first we should observe whether the bottle body is deformed, skew, the bottle mouth is regular, the bottom of the bottle is not protruding or sags or not; in addition, it is necessary to observe whether the joint of the bottle body is strict or not, whether there is a wrong or too rough phenomenon. From these observations, we can eliminate some unqualified white wine bottles.
Secondly, we should carefully observe whether the glass material of the white wine bottle is smooth and clear, whether there are bubbles and impurities in the bottle, there is no crack and the presence of spots. If there are any defects, it shows that the product does not do well in the process of melting and cooling in the process of production. A safe hidden danger.
In addition, when choosing the white wine bottle products, we should pay attention to the thickness of the bottle, if the thickness of the bottle is not enough, and the weight is too light, the quality of the liquor bottle is a little bad. If the sound is crisp and sweet when knocking the bottle, it shows that the quality of the raw material is excellent and the sound is crisp and dumb, then it is clear that the sound is crisp and dumb, then it is clear that the sound is crisp and dumb. The quality of the wine bottle does not pass through.


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